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FIRST Management Group Limited (FMG)

FMG was created following the sale of FIRST Security Guard Services Limited in August 2006.

In the first instance, its strategy is to develop its current areas of business / expertise and capability on the high market awareness of the FIRST branding (specifically as a result of building FIRST security)

FMG currently has two divisional holding companies, FIRST Technology Group (FTG) and FIRST Integrated Logistics Group (FIL).

The Principal activity of FTG is the wider opportunities within the Electronic Security Industry. FTG is actively seeking further acquisitions within the security industry that will compliment the current security brand within the group, GLOBAL Security.

FIL has been designed as a development / holding company for a series of inter-related businesses that are intended to build or purchase generally within the Transport, Storage, Vehicle Management and Towing sectors. FIL currently has one subsidiary, FIRST Recovery Services Limited (FRS).

Current Companies in FMG

FIRST Recovery Services Limited


PO Box 5270
Wellesley Street
Auckland 1141

T: 0800 247 100
T: 09 309 3090 (24hrs)
F: 09 309 9080

GLOBAL Security Solutions Limited


PO Box 5279
Wellesley Street
Auckland 1141

T: 09 307 9000 (24hrs)
F: 09 307 9080

FIRST Motorsport Marketing

PO Box 7463
Wellesley Street
Auckland 1141

T: 09 918 9000
F: 09 918 9001


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NBR Magazine May 2008 - Admiring the talents and successes of wealthy New Zealanders By Fiona Robertson

Fears of the Y2K bug are a distant memory for most but the image is clearer for entrepreneur Ross Johnson.

The dawn of the Year 2000 was his first year at FIRST Security and Y2K jitters helped set his new company in good stead. "We were running around at midnight checking buildings," he says.

Johnson built the business up from those early days, with no capital outside his own resources, to a company with 400 staff.

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These days Johnson is still involved in the security industry and is aiming to build his company FIRST Management up to be the largest New Zealand-owned security company